【check!】kero kero bonito / make believe

KKB are back with another single from their upcoming “Time ‘n Place” record (release date still undetermined).  This one sounds like ABBA dropped acid and became a trippy dreampop group and I really love it.

Reminder to my fellow Houstonians that KKB will be performing on 10/25 here at Satellite Bar.  Last I checked there were less than 20 tickets available so you better get searching before you end up missing out!

【check!】ciara / dose (lyric video)

September just refuses to let me catch a breath!  Ciara returns with a Darkchild produced number that gets your energy levels revved up and pulsates through its 3:42 runtime.
Fantastic chorus, and an absolutely STELLAR bridge and breakdown section ensure that you’ll have this one on repeat for a good while.

【check!】 mariah carey / gtfo

After quickly securing a worldwide iTunes #1 charting single, Mariah and her new team have gone ahead and launched the official promotional video for ‘GTFO’.  Enjoy, because I sure am doing so!

Look out for Mariah’s official lead single for album 15, “With You”, out on October 5th, and the album to follow sometime this year!

【news】mariah carey to begin new era with single ‘gtfo’ tomorrow morning!

I cannot contain my excitement.

Mariah’s first single since the random one off “I Don’t” last year will also bring with it a new album, Carey’s first since 2014’s illustrious return to form, “…The Elusive Chanteuse”.

A snippet was posted to various social media platforms then quickly taken down, which sounds quite good if you ask me!  Produced by Drake mainstay Ninteen85, it’s very nice to see Mariah venturing out of her comfort zone of staple producers (something that I’ve been craving for years), and I think “GTFO” will be a fresh offering.

Stay turned for my thoughts tomorrow! Lamb, signing off~

【review/rate】yves tumor / safe in the hands of love

released 2018, warp records.

Out of nowhere, Yves Tumor has Beyoncé’d an album, one that’s chock full of offerings unlike any other released this year.

“Safe in the Hands of Love” follows shortly after Tumor’s 2017 album “Experiencing the Deposit of Faith”, and it continues a trend of fascinatingly produced pieces that meld sound and curiosity into songs that aren’t easily digestible, yet they provide a listening experience that isn’t easily found elsewhere. This time, more pop-like structures and vocals are present and Yves does a bang up job at still letting his individuality and unique character run wild and shine.

Singles “Noid”, “Licking an Orchid”, and “Lifetime” are clumped together in the midsection, and are an extremely solid representation of the sonic directions explored on this record. “Noid” is the best of the best here, a perfect amalgamation of accessibility and inaccessibility.

There’s a little bit of industrial Merzbow-y influence and noise amongst the tracklist (“Hope in Suffering”, “Let the Lioness…”) which may turn off more casual listeners, but as a whole, “Safe in the Hands of Love” is an album that cannot be missed. If you enjoy Aphex Twin, Arca or even Death Grips, Yves Tumor belongs on your playlists. Song rankings under the cut. Continue reading “【review/rate】yves tumor / safe in the hands of love”

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