【icymi】shakira & jlo’s flamboyantly fantastical festive football halftime show

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pILCn6VO_RU When this pair was announced for halftime this year, I honestly could not visualize how exactly the whole thing would pan out.  WELL FUCK!  It was brilliant and very obviously geared towards people with taste.  I know that Hex Hector "Waiting for Tonight" remix when I hear it.  Also, I still don't get why... Continue Reading →

【review/rate】luster / turbulence

released 2020, awater/lust records. It's a new decade and Los Angeles based shoegazers Luster dip their toes into the water with debut album 'Turbulence".  It's a tightly-knit half hour of ethereal strumming, epic walls of noise and dreamy crooning that's bound to get you in your feelings. "Used to Feel" and "Dream" are certified slots... Continue Reading →

【review/rate】slayyyter / slayyyter

released 2019, slayyyter records. I'll admit, i've been out of the PC Music/Stan pop scene for a while now, only being exposed to the sound through viral hits like "Vacation Bible School" and "Vroom Vroom".  I only knew of Slayyyter's rise through friends and their vibrant enthusiasm for her music, personality and image.  With this... Continue Reading →

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