【review/rate】perfume / future pop

released 2018, universal japan/perfume records

I’d like to preface this review by letting you all know that Perfume are one of the groups out there that I feel I have a very tight bond with. I’ve been listening to these ladies since they were kids, well over a decade now. It’s almost like we’ve grown up together, I watched them go from performing to empty outdoor crowds to sold out stadiums! Continue reading “【review/rate】perfume / future pop”

【review/rate】nicki minaj / queen

released 2018, young money/cash money records.

After one of the most tragic and ridiculous campaigns leading up to its release, Nicki Minaj’s fourth full length (and I do mean FULL length, this motherf*cker is nearly 20 tracks long!) album has arrived.

Clocking in at just over an hour, “Queen” is full of tracks that range from stellar mock sessions of Nicki’s contemporaries (“Barbie Dreams”) to anthems about “eating the cookie” (“Good Form”), and it’s a ride the entire time.

Although Nicki’s been a staple in the major label hip hop scene for nearly a decade, “Queen” truly feels the most like a cohesive body of work. With the exception of the awkwardly slotted “Come See About Me” (which honestly feels like an outtake from the second half of Minaj’s rap/pop bonanza “Roman Reloaded”), every track on the album feel like they mesh for the most part. If you’re late to Nicki’s party, “Queen” is an excellent jump-off point.

Stream “Queen” on Apple Music and Spotify. Track ratings under the cut! Continue reading “【review/rate】nicki minaj / queen”

【monthly playlist】life polyphony selects 15 is up now!

You know the drill! New month, new playlist.

I’ve also made a copy of the playlist for Spotify users this time around, and any songs not available on the service have been replaced, think of the Apple and Spotify playlist differences as Pokemon versions, the same but with exclusives! Or you can get an Apple Music subscription. Links here (Apple) and here (Spotify), and tracklists under the cut. Continue reading “【monthly playlist】life polyphony selects 15 is up now!”

【review/rate】meg / step

I had an itch to write about this record after a wave of nostalgia hit me listening to it for the first time in a while.  In a lot of ways,  STEP is responsible for being one of my gateways into electronic club music, as well as one of Japan’s era defining electropop albums.
Only Perfume and the legendary Yellow Magic Orchestra had Oricon top 10 success with electronic pop releases prior to STEP’s entry into the charts that summer, and MEG’s peak in the mainstream also helped further propel producer Nakata Yasutaka into universal acclaim and notoriety.

It’s been a decade since STEP’s release, so where does it stand in the current electronic renaissance Japan is having?  Let’s find out. Continue reading “【review/rate】meg / step”

【check!】emotional oranges / motion

Oh I love this, and the visual of movie scenes tinted in orange gives is totally something I’m digging.  I haven’t found much info about Emotional Oranges, but keep an eye and an ear out for them, this is one hell of a debut.

【mini rate】chiaki sato / sicksicksicksick

Kinoko Teitoku’s frontwoman delivers one of the most surprising solo efforts of the year, an EP co-produced by electronic legend Yoshinori Sunahara that puts a plethora of unique sounds and styles on display throughout its minimal run time.  I do wish there were a few more tracks since this is such a brilliant collaboration, but what we did get is simply grand.

  1. Sicksicksicksick ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  2. Summer gate ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  3. Signal ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  4. Bedtime eyes ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  5. prologue ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Continue reading “【mini rate】chiaki sato / sicksicksicksick”

【check!】wakita monari / gozigen lover-joi

That Monari reign just won’t let up!  Today, Wakita Monari’s sophomore effort ‘AHEAD!’ is available in stores and we’ve also got a new promo single/music video of ‘Gozigen Lover-joi’, one of the album’s new cuts.

It’s a very retro city-pop flavored jam, a fantastic preview of what’s in store on the album.

If you’re in Japan, be sure to catch her on tour, dates and info here.
Pick up ‘AHEAD!’ on CDJapan or Amazon.

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