【thoughts】the depreciation guild / Dream about me

released 2009, Kanine Records.

Let it be known that the lush sounds of shoegaze and dream pop are my favorite guilty pleasure. While I primarily enjoy upbeat, often nonsensical and totally frenetic pop music, 『Dream about me』 places me on a cloud of reverie and keeps my butt firmly seated thanks to the repeat button.

Funny enough that I happened to come across this track in the background of an awkward sex scene in a Gregg Araki flick (Kaboom, 2010) and had to have it! 『Dream about me』provides a perfectly pure slice of heaven for the aural palate.

Opt for the mix on Depreciation Guild’s sophomore and final album, 『Spirit youth』as it features real drums and a bit more edge on the guitars. The single edit’s percussion and bassline are synthesized in an 8bit famicom fashion and vocalist Kurt Feldman is a bit clearer in the mix.


Check out the promotional video for Dream about me here.

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