【review/rate】dygl / don’t know where it is

released 2016, hard enough.

A four man rock group with a unique pastiche for britpunk and indie guitar pop from years gone by, dygl’s (pronounced dayglow) 2016 ep is a delightful slice of superb indies life, one that has stayed on my playlist over a year on now.

Opener 『Let it sway』is an immediate head-bopper, wasting no time getting into its infectious groove and verse section, then flipping the script with a Strokes-esque rock out sequence that makes up what’s supposed to resemble a chorus? This part is instrumental on the ep, but a recut version adds some lalala’s and fleshes the track out in the mastering department. My favorite song for sure in either arrangement. 9/10

Title track 『Don’t know where it is』doesn’t have as much energy as the previous song which let me down a little, but it keeps a steady groove and on repeat listens I’ve gained appreciation for the guitar work throughout. 8/10

『I’m waiting for you』is our midtempo filler cut for the ep, a love song with some great crooning from vocalist Akiyama, plus a super cool outro with those guitars I love so damn much. 7/10

Now, I did say I held this ep in high regard, but 『Let’s get into your car』is bogged down by its very weak chorus, which is literally the song title being enunciated as if it’s some sort of “Finding Nemo” whale speak. Really throws me off an otherwise decent, upbeat number. 6/10

Okay, turn your volume up to max and get your headbanging on, because 『Slizzard』is the funkiest, punkiest and funnest offering on the ep. I love how it feels like three distinctly different songs all in one, and even so the track barely clocks in just over 2 minutes. The segment around a minute and 15 is my favorite, such a groovy bopping moment and then it jumps back into a rock out for the ending. Super clever. 10/10

『Thousand miles』is a minimal acoustic closer, that’s carried by Akiyama’s vocals. It’s another sub-3 minute song (why were two of the best songs on this release the shortest ones?!) but that’s all the time it needs to leave an impression. A really heartwarming song that would sound perfect in an intimate venue, and I’m not normally one for balladry, acoustics or downtempos, anyone will tell you. 8/10

『Don’t know where it is』is a cohesive mini that’s devoted to its indie pop punk influences, simultaneously offering something new to avid listeners of the genres it took its inspirations from. I only hope in the future they give drummer Kamoto Kohei more to do, as he seemed to get drowned out by the fantastic bass and guitars in the mix. (I have not yet listened to their first full length, but I’m sure I’ll cover it soon!)

Vocalist Akiyama Nobuki also deserves special mention, as his accent is something to behold, when I first heard this band I wouldn’t have even thought they were Japanese. He sounds THAT English to me! His range is also worth mentioning, as he went from crooning to hectic shouting at times throughout the length of the ep.

Must Listen : Let it sway, Slizzard

Stream the EP on Apple Music and Spotify.


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