【random】the black eyed peas are past their prime, Let it go.

Okay hear me out, The E.N.D was a bonafide BOPfest and still goes off when you’re in the mood for stuff like that, but this whole divide between the guys and Fergie is so asinine and petty that I don’t think anyone would give a fuck if they put something out without her.

And these rumors of him wanting to put Nicole Scherzinger (of all people?) as a replacement is MESSY. Cheryl isn’t available? But I digress…..

I’m gonna be real with you. Nobody cared when Fergie Ferg wasn’t a member, and nobody cares now that she isn’t anymore. On the flip side, nobody cared when Fergie released a second solo album after an entire millennia (WHY did you wait that long bih?), so both parties need to figure out some sort of middle ground, because they NEED each other. This was a case of the whole being without a dum diddly doubt, greater than the sum of its mediocre humps…..I mean parts.

Figure it out Peas. Otherwise you’ll never give us another historic run of smash singles. P.S. Monkey Business is far and away their best album. Go listen to it.


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