【thoughts】groove armada / cards to your heart

released 2010, cooking vinyl.

This song should have been a single. One of the most ethereal choruses in terms of arrangement and instrumentation, it’s crazy how much depth the keys add. I legitimately get goosebumps just from that ending note! Nick Littlemore’s (of Pnau and Empire of the Sun fame) insistent and vociferous delivery of the cryptic lyrics (seriously what the fresh hell is this song about?) elevate the track to even further heights. So much went right on this piece, I’ll never get over it…..

I feel like if you watch enough porn you’ve probably already heard this song because of THAT video, y’all know the one. Well, oop for outing myself but I’ll always be grateful to it for showing me this beautiful and criminally underrated song (that’s probably a gay anthem by now).

Stream 『Cards to your heart』on Apple Music and Spotify.


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