【thoughts】mondo grosso / labyrinth

released 2017, avex.

This was the best song of 2017 and you’ll just have to deal with it.

Shinichi Osawa’s first cut in nearly 15 years under his Mondo Grosso alias was something I never thought I’d live to see, but was everything I needed. Osawa is one of the select few artists that I consider to reign in the upper echelon of consistent, meticulous and prestigious musicians that have very little (if any) mediocrity amongst their discographies.

『Labyrinth』was always going to be an above average track, but the choice to feature actress turned singer Mitsushima Hikari takes it up another notch. This was the first song I’ve heard with her, and her voice carries a somewhat somber and innocent tone that provides an interesting contrast to the song’s sultry, suggestive lyrical content.

The single features a breathtaking bossa-styled acoustic mix that offers another brilliant side to the song if you’re not in the mood for an electronic arrangement. I adore both of them, honestly.

So what are you waiting for? Check it out and get into it if you haven’t yet.

Stream the 『Labyrinth』 single on Apple Music and Spotify.

Stream Mondo Grosso’s latest LP, 『Reborn again and always starting new』on Apple Music and Spotify.


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