【review/rate】prettymuch / prettymuch an ep

released 2018, simco limited. The LA based quintet revives interest in the long gone western boy band trend, but with only four tracks on their debut EP, will this hold any water with the ever revolving pop stratosphere?  I'd have to answer with an optimistic yes!  While there's not much in quantity on this release... Continue Reading →

【news】avicii passes on at 28.

It's with a large amount of sadness that today we've learned that the Swedish electronic dance savant Tim Bergling, more famously known as Avicii was found deceased today in Oman. Avicii was very well known in the EDM community, and had even ranked third on DJ Mag in 2012 and 2013. Best wishes and prayers... Continue Reading →

【check!】hit bargain / hell is real

I'm feeling a little fierce on this breezy Tuesday afternoon, and Hit Bargain dropped a killer cut full of attitude and frenetic energy.  I am definitely keeping this in rotation! Heads up for that stupendous "we live our days in comfort" passage and the outro. What a song! "Hell is Real" is the third single... Continue Reading →

【review/rate】exo-cbx / blooming days

released 2018, SM entertainment. I will preface this review by saying i'm not really into current korean pop trends and prefer to keep it out of my regular listening, but I've always been a big EXO fan.  The second EP from the vocal subunit comprised of members Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin (properly named EXO-CBX, though... Continue Reading →

【thoughts】nicki minaj / chun-li

released 2018,  young money/cash money records. Yesterday,  Nicki dropped a two punch combo on us after a short time away from releasing.  The rap/pop stratosphere has changed fairly quickly since "The Pinkprint" was dropped back in 2014,  and with the meteoric monopoly Cardi B seems to have on radio and our pop culture,  i'm glad... Continue Reading →

【check!】depeche mode / enjoy the silence

I'm feeling very throwback on this Thursday.  This post was inspired by a Tinder match that I then immediately unmatched after they told me they had no idea who Depeche Mode were.  Some sins can't be forgiven.  Enjoy (the silence)! Available on Apple Music and Spotify. 💫💫💫

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