【thoughts】annie / i know ur girlfriend hates me

released 2008, island records.

I’ve always thought of Annie as pop royalty, albeit royalty that’s often overlooked. She doesn’t release often, she doesn’t conform to trends, and she’s never been one for the limelight it seems, and I think her discography shines because of all of this (however it may also hold her back from getting the acclaim and attention she rightfully deserves).

“Girlfriend” was released as the lead single to her second full length, the criminally clever and fantastical “Don’t Stop”, but oddly enough the track isn’t even included on the album’s standard pressing. Artistic choice? Label issues? I don’t know the answer, but unless you can track down the single, you’re better off getting a deluxe copy of the album for this one.

I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me is, for all intents and purposes, the restructured and more polished version of previous Annie “coulda-woulda-shoulda-been-a'” hit single “Chewing Gum”. While both songs have their artistic merits, I definitely find myself bopping to Girlfriend more often. It’s a messy song about a messy territorial girlfriend, and who doesn’t love a little bit of mess in their music every so often? (I’d put an LOL here, but I have to constantly remind myself that i’m writing for a blog and not my personal instant messaging.)

I hope you enjoy, and i’ll be covering more Annie in the weeks to come for sure. She’ll be releasing new material this year too, so stay tuned!

Here’s a Spotify link if you decide you dig it!



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