【random】MAA posts cryptic image on insta; hints at a comeback

Electronic pop vocalist MAA shared an intriguing photo to her Instagram today with a caption possibly hinting at her long awaited (for me okay) return to music.

For those not in the know, MAA debuted as a solo artist in late 2010 with the “Ghost Enemy” single, later reaching the top of the recochoku club chart with the fantastic “Ballerina Brainsystem”, and released her debut full length “BubbleMan Engine” in October 2011. Sadly, she didn’t stay very active in the music industry after BubbleMan, releasing just one double A-Side single in 2013, and she later went on to pursue other endeavors such as fashion and motherhood.

FYI, BubbleMan Engine is one of the best electronic albums of the decade, so even the smallest hint that she could potentially return to music is enough to get me giddy. Her kid is old enough now as well and I think it’s high time she makes a comeback!

If it does happen, I’m rooting for ya girl.


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