A live report in cliffnotes / beach fossils (2018.07.19)

Hi, I went to see Beach Fossils tonight. Deets under the cut!

Opening act 1 : Jaya (acoustic ukelele singer/songwriter)

⚡️dedicated songs to guys who did her dirty, someone in the audience at one point shouted “LET ME FIGHT HIM”. It was pretty iconic. Her voice was exceptional, even with nerves as she said this was her first performance in a big venue, very excited to hear more from her!

Opening act 2 : Temple of Angels

⚡️first song is very new wave, tons of fantastic guitar and the vocals are on point (when you can hear her, there seemed to be sound issues with the mic sadly)

⚡️They have a lot of energy, and drummer gets lead vocal on song 3. I do enjoy a band with split vocal duties!

⚡️Last two songs were very shoegaze but with a bit of edge, I was pretty impressed with this set overall sound issues aside.

⚡️after a bit of research, my favorite song of their set was definitely Seaflower.

Headline : Beach Fossils

⚡️ Dustin’s Hellraiser shirt alone deserves a bullet point. Quality taste in horror icons ❤️

⚡️This Year really is that song. Sounded phenomenal in a live setting and really hit me!

⚡️Tommy requesting the stage lighting stay an icy blue to reflect the venue’s great air conditioning was hilarious.


⚡️during another MC, the boys brought up the Freaky Friday remake, and commented on how perfect it is as a film and honestly I agree. Kings of taste.

⚡️Lots of crowdsurfing during the end of the set and it was kind of hilarious watching people get dropped. This is not normally my type of thing but I honestly don’t mind if that’s how people want to express their feelings through music. The YOUTH jumped out!

⚡️The moshing on the other hand, yikes! 😭 I had to move back immediately, these glasses were expensive and I am not about to have them knocked off!

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