【news】coaltar of the deepers still exist, announce new single + rabbit ep release date

After seven long years of delays, silence and teasing on twitter, Coaltar of the Deepers have finally set a release date for the mythical "Rabbit EP". In case you're new, COTD release EPs every so often and Rabbit was the next in line, following shortly after the Bear EP in 2007. Yes, you read that... Continue Reading →

【news】vanilla beans disbanding.

The idol industry is a machine. Groups come and go, but some last longer than others, and Vanilla Beans were a very hard-working, quality unit that gave us everything we really could ask for : vocals, cute choreography, visually exciting music videos and tons of personality. Sadly, they have decided to officially end their run... Continue Reading →

【mini rate】ariana grande / sweetener

The petite songstress returns with an album that offers plenty in terms of new sounds, styles and directions for her, proving that it's never too late to spice up your discography with some experimentation. Its track arrangement could be better, and the Pharrell-produced cuts could use some more polish, but "sweetener" remains a fresh experience,... Continue Reading →

【review/rate】nicki minaj / queen

released 2018, young money/cash money records. After one of the most tragic and ridiculous campaigns leading up to its release, Nicki Minaj's fourth full length (and I do mean FULL length, this motherf*cker is nearly 20 tracks long!) album has arrived. Clocking in at just over an hour, "Queen" is full of tracks that range... Continue Reading →

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