【monthly playlist】life polyphony selects 15 is up now!

You know the drill! New month, new playlist.

I’ve also made a copy of the playlist for Spotify users this time around, and any songs not available on the service have been replaced, think of the Apple and Spotify playlist differences as Pokemon versions, the same but with exclusives! Or you can get an Apple Music subscription. Links here (Apple) and here (Spotify), and tracklists under the cut.

  1. Wakita Monari / TAKE IT LUCKY!!!
  2. TV Girl / Birds don’t sing
  3. DCup / I’m Corrupt
  6. Emotional Oranges / Personal
  7. <Apple> Chiaki Sato / Signal | <Spotify> Robyn / Missing U
  8. Silk City / Feel About You (feat.Mapei)
  9. <Apple> Kinoko Teikoku / Long Goodbye | <Spotify> Kinoko Teikoku / Musician
  10. Rome Hero Foxes / Lost in a Room
  11. Temple of Angels / Seaflower
  12. The Faint / Sex is Personal
  13. Leo Imai / Bite
  14. Negicco / Kimi wa Dream
  15. Estelle / Freak (feat.Kardinal Offshall)
  16. Christine and the Queens / Doesn’t matter
  17. Slow magic / ALL ABOUT U
  18. Let’s Eat Grandma / It’s not just me
  19. Cola Splash / Charming Steak
  20. Conway / Capiche
  21. <Apple> Kinoko Teikoku / Ashikubi | <Spotify> Plastic girl in closet / ERROR

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