【news】vanilla beans disbanding.

The idol industry is a machine. Groups come and go, but some last longer than others, and Vanilla Beans were a very hard-working, quality unit that gave us everything we really could ask for : vocals, cute choreography, visually exciting music videos and tons of personality.

Sadly, they have decided to officially end their run after 10 years.  After one more single (“going my way”, available 9/18), a short promotional run of appearances and two final live shows on 10/6 and 10/7, Vanilla Beans will be no more.

I’m actually really bummed about this, as they’re another of the long running idol groups that I discovered in my adolescence (Negicco, Perfume to name a few others) and grew to love.  Their sound was also unlike any of their contemporaries, instead opting for creatively cute sounds with a classic Shibuya-Kei aesthetic (Nicola, Choco Mint Flavor Time).  Occasional experimental tracks also came about, like the “classic rock-meets-sports team theme” anthem “Uchouten Girl”, or the unexpected but totally acceptable cover of MGMT’s timeless “Kids”.  Vanilla Beans could really do it all.

More information on their final shows and appearances can be found on their homepage.  I’m leaving a few of their best videos under the cut if you wanna get a taste of the magic! They will be sorely missed, and I wish Rena and Lisa the best in their future endeavors!

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