【wtf】the artist formerly known as “kanye” and lil pump @ snl

I honestly don't know where to begin. Chances are if you are remotely interested in anything the rapper-turned-shock figure/bridge troll Kanye (now going by YE according to his ridiculous twitter account, which should be in consideration to be preserved for historical record after Cher's) does, you tuned into SNL tonight to check out his performance(s)...... Continue Reading →

【review/rate】kyary pamyu pamyu / japamyu

released 2018, unBORDE/Warner Music Japan. I won't lie, I've largely disregarded Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as a fad on her way out, as her initial impact on the japanese pop scene was meteoric, but after a decent run of releases, she ended up releasing trite bullshit single after trite bullshit single and her sales started to... Continue Reading →

【mini rate】the daysleepers / creation

released 2018, the daysleepers. It's crazy that it's already been an entire decade since previous album, the lavishly layered romantic masterpiece, "Drowned in a Sea of Sound", but The Daysleepers show no signs of losing their touch on their effervescent comeback.  While it's a little par for the course in terms of sound with little... Continue Reading →

【check!】ciara / dose (lyric video)

September just refuses to let me catch a breath!  Ciara returns with a Darkchild produced number that gets your energy levels revved up and pulsates through its 3:42 runtime. Fantastic chorus, and an absolutely STELLAR bridge and breakdown section ensure that you'll have this one on repeat for a good while.

【check!】 mariah carey / gtfo

After quickly securing a worldwide iTunes #1 charting single, Mariah and her new team have gone ahead and launched the official promotional video for 'GTFO'.  Enjoy, because I sure am doing so! Look out for Mariah's official lead single for album 15, "With You", out on October 5th, and the album to follow sometime this... Continue Reading →

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