【news】mariah carey to begin new era with single ‘gtfo’ tomorrow morning!

I cannot contain my excitement. Mariah's first single since the random one off "I Don't" last year will also bring with it a new album, Carey's first since 2014's illustrious return to form, "...The Elusive Chanteuse". A snippet was posted to various social media platforms then quickly taken down, which sounds quite good if you... Continue Reading →


【review/rate】yves tumor / safe in the hands of love

released 2018, warp records. Out of nowhere, Yves Tumor has Beyoncé'd an album, one that's chock full of offerings unlike any other released this year. "Safe in the Hands of Love" follows shortly after Tumor's 2017 album "Experiencing the Deposit of Faith", and it continues a trend of fascinatingly produced pieces that meld sound and... Continue Reading →

【review/rate】wild nothing / indigo

released 2018, captured tracks. Jack Tatum's new wave-meets-indie guitar pop brainchild Wild Nothing unleashes its fourth album today, "Indigo".  Only a little over two years after third LP "Life of Pause", which, while fantastic in its own right, was a work that I wasn't entirely the fondest of. "Indigo" features Tatum reigning in his creativity... Continue Reading →

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