【review/rate】robyn / honey

released 2018, konichiwa records. If you've been on the hunt for a pop experience that will throw everything you thought you knew about the medium out of the window, look no further.  I'm just gonna come out and say it : Honey is quite possibly the most sincere, raw and brilliantly produced pop album of... Continue Reading →

【check!】allie x / girl of the year

Allie X is onto a winner with this one, baby. Immense production, one of the most adventurous choruses of 2018, and some solid vocal delivery really make this track stand out from the rest of Allie X's latest output. I'm pretty stoked for Super Sunset now. Pre-order here!

【check!】hatchie / adored

Hatchie's got a new single out as part of Adult Swim's annual singles release project, and it continues her streak of high quality guitar pop.  I honestly can't wait for another EP at this point!

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