【live/check!】rose ette album release show (2018.10.05)

Last night I took it upon myself to head out to Dan Electro’s after a crazy day of work for Rose Ette’s first full album release show.  It was a pretty stellar night, and also introduced me to a smattering of local groups full of talent that I’ll definitely be keeping tabs on.

It has to be said that I was not aware that my own hometown has a scene for this kind of music, and it’s actually really amazing to know it exists now!  There wasn’t a single act that I did not 100% enjoy, and each band brought their own individual sounds out while also sounding cohesive and tight.  Rose Ette made flawless choices in their openers.

I totally had a few jack and cokes which might have also increased my enjoyment of the experience.

Anywho, i’d like to link to a few songs from each band that I found immediately appealing in the hopes that you’ll check them out! Hit the jump for links~

Small Chair opened the show, and the highlights for me were “Stay” and “Just a Boy”.”
They did a fantastic job of fusing dream pop and blues, and the studio mixes sound equally pristine.

Second up were Astragal who had a very youthful energy in their stage presence, and also held their own, with tracks that had elements of psych, classic rock, and even surf rock among their set.  Latest single “Bloomer” was one of the best offerings.https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/track=2665575499/size=large/bgcol=333333/linkcol=e32c14/tracklist=false/artwork=small/transparent=true/

Galveston’s El Lago seemed to have the shortest set, but maybe it was just the alcohol messing with my perception of time.  Still, fantastic and I can’t wait to hear more.  “Underneath” is probably my favorite track from their album.

I will save my Rose Ette impressions for my review of “Ignore the Feeling” later this week, but you SHOULD go to their bandcamp and download the album/pick up a limited 12″ copy while they’re still available!

Follow the bands below, and until next time!
Small Chair (bandcamp/instagram)
Astragal (bandcamp/instagram)
El Lago (bandcamp/instagram)
Rose Ette (bandcamp/instagram)

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