【thoughts】mariah carey / with you (video+live)

I wrote a bit about “With You” a few days ago when the song was first posted, but since then, we’ve gotten an actual music video, and an American Music Awards performance!

While I initially didn’t think this song was anything exciting for the elusive chanteuse, the video is classic Mariah : it takes cues from the unforgettable “My All” video from 1997 with its black and white imagery, and Mariah herself looks completely snatched.  The close-ups of her in the car were breathtaking!  I’ll definitely come back to this one again.

“With You” was also performed at the AMA’s this year, and I still don’t understand why it was chosen to lead the new era with (as previous single GTFO managed to generate far more buzz for its unorthodox production and style), but at this point into my tenure as a Carey fan, I’ve learned to run with what she gives us.

I mean, I found the imagery of this performance pretty fantastic, but as is par for the course with 2010s ‘riah, she didn’t particularly do much, and I can’t say this was exciting, nor will it reignite interest with the general public.  I can only hope, and regardless, i’m still immensely excited for Mariah’s next album, as we have two decent and different singles that don’t drop too many hints as to how the final product will sound.

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