【thoughts】mariah carey / with you (video+live)

I wrote a bit about "With You" a few days ago when the song was first posted, but since then, we've gotten an actual music video, and an American Music Awards performance! While I initially didn't think this song was anything exciting for the elusive chanteuse, the video is classic Mariah : it takes cues... Continue Reading →


【check!】filter / take a picture (hybrid mix)

I like to watch tons of horror flicks during the month of October, and tonight I picked out 2001's corny yet effective "Valentine".  Do I enjoy it? Yeah.  Is it a 'good' film? Not so much.  I can say that whoever picked the licensed music did a brilliant job, though. The progressive beats of this... Continue Reading →

【check!】robyn / honey

It's so wild to know that we're only 20 days away from Robyn's first album since 2010.  I'm so glad she's back!  "Honey" is the kind of moody electro that fills me with life and makes me contemplate existence when i'm alone in the dark with my volume on max. I hope you enjoy, keep... Continue Reading →

【check!】mariah carey / with you

Mariah kicks off a new era with this DJ Mustard-produced slice of nostalgia.  It's a bit typical for Mariah, and sounds like it'd fit right in on her 2009 "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" LP.  It's not bad, but it didn't blow me away either.  Of course, I know Mariah isn't making music to impress... Continue Reading →

【review/rate】kero kero bonito / time ‘n’ place

released 2018, polyvinyl record co. When an artist suddenly deviates from their established sound and style with no prior notice, the results and feedback are almost always universally divisive.  Some will appreciate, some will find themselves alienated, and some probably won't come back for the artist's next release.  Kero Kero Bonito surprise-released their sophomore effort... Continue Reading →

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