【check!】alice chater / hourglass

I heard this on Instagram about a month ago, and i've been sort of obsessed ever since. There's a Human League sample that dominates the instrumental, slinky verses, and a memorable chorus.  All the ingredients necessary for an unforgettable pop single in 2018!  Also, I love that high note she hits in the middle eight!... Continue Reading →

【check!】kelly rowland / kelly

Kelly crawls out from whatever rock she's been under the last few months with a self titled single that's full of wit and charm. But most importantly? It slaps. Here's hoping we get an album in 2019! I've always been a fan of Kelly (and much prefer her work to Beyoncé's, oop).

【review/rate】umru / search result ep

released 2018, pc music. umru (of recent Charli XCX production credit fame) debuts with an apocalyptic future pop experience that draws its influence from the tinny space-age production and engineering wizardry of contemporaries SOPHIE and Arca. While there's not a whole lot here (four full tracks sandwiched between instrumental intro/outro tracks that come to a... Continue Reading →

【check!】roisin murphy / the rumble

The final release of Roisin Murphy's 2018 collaborative series of singles with Maurice Fulton, "The Rumble / World's Crazy" is out now, and with it, the final music video has arrived for "The Rumble".  It's a six minute dancefloor romp complete with visuals of what basically translates to uninhibited love and good vibes.  Hope you... Continue Reading →

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