【monthly playlist】life polyphony selects 18 is now live!

I’m posting this playlist this just days before I come back from vacation and back to my mundane daily life of work, sleep, and stress eating.  Sad, but I’ve gathered some of the comfiest tunes i’ve been listening to lately into this month’s playlist so that you can ring in the comfiest month of the year in style!   There’s some Mariah, Roisin, and Robyn for the esteemed pop aficionados, Boy Pablo, Astragal, Tanukichan and Pearl Crush for my obscure indie lovers, and i’ve even thrown in some Joji and Junglepussy for good measure.  Enjoy, and you can find tracklists under the cut.

Go check the playlist out on your streaming platform of choice!
Spotify | Apple Music

No differences between the Spotify and Apple Music playlists this month!

  1. Robyn / Ever Again
  2. Jerry Paper / Your Cocoon
  3. boy pablo / Losing you
  4. Astragal / Bloomer
  5. Luby Sparks / Perfect
  6. Pearl Crush / True Blue
  7. Men I Trust / I hope to be around
  8. Tanukichan / The best
  9. Ricky Eat Acid / I can hear the heart breaking as one
  10. Kaya / Come closer
  11. Mariah Carey / The Distance
  12. Kelela / Rewind
  13. Junglepussy / Trader Joe
  14. Roisin Murphy / World’s crazy
  15. Joji / CAN’T GET OVER YOU (feat.Clams Casino)
  16. The Cat’s Miaow / Aurora
  17. Sway / Sullust

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