【random】what’s with the japanese fixation on the cardigans?

I’m almost convinced that there’s no real explanation for this fascinating phenomenon.

Now, I’m as big of a Cardigans fan as any one else out there, but I can’t name another country besides Japan that has put out so many awesome covers for one band, and i’m going to post them here so that you can get a taste.

Electro-pop goddesses Perfume unleashed a short cover of “Lovefool” for a Pepsi ad campaign in 2010, and a full version remains unreleased.

My personal favorite japanese electronic unit of all time LIL covered “Carnival” and released it as a single from their second major album “Synchronize” in 2011.

Dream Ami offers the most faithful recreation of “Lovefool” with the only sonical difference being that it’s performed entirely in Japanese.

Nanba Shiho also covered “Lovefool”, adding her very unique flair to the track.

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