【check!】roisin murphy / the rumble

The final release of Roisin Murphy's 2018 collaborative series of singles with Maurice Fulton, "The Rumble / World's Crazy" is out now, and with it, the final music video has arrived for "The Rumble".  It's a six minute dancefloor romp complete with visuals of what basically translates to uninhibited love and good vibes.  Hope you... Continue Reading →


【review/rate】bip ling / church of bop

released 2018, bip ling. Okay, I really can't say I ever expected an actual album to come out of UK blogger/socialite Bipasha Ling (affectionately referred to as Bip).  She's spent the last couple of years dropping random one off PC-music inspired tracks of varying degrees of quality, and earlier this week a collection of tracks... Continue Reading →

【check!】sophie ellis-bextor / take me home

Mademoiselle EB has unleashed the first cut from her forthcoming orchestral-arranged greatest hits album (release date to be determined!), and it's a fantastic reworking of her debut single, a cover of Cher's classic "Take Me Home". The strings sound amazing, and I love that the rest of the instruments retain the original disco feel perfectly. ... Continue Reading →

【review/rate】supercar / jump up

released 1999, dohb discs. Supercar had only just burst onto the fledgling japanese alternative rock scene with their epic debut "Three Out Change" in April of '98, before almost immediately starting their follow up era with "Sunday People" in September that same year.  It wasn't as punk rock or upbeat as most of the first... Continue Reading →

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