【live report】ethereal fest 2019.01.19

It was really really chilly and windy last night, proper weather for a night of dreamy tunes and reverb heavy guitars don’t you think?

I’d been looking forward to Ethereal Fest for some time, as a huge indie music fan with an obsession for the dreampop and shoegaze sound, it was right up my alley (being in my home city is a major plus too!!). While the event is still in its infancy and there’s plenty room to grow, Ethereal Fest shows plenty of promise, and I had an absolute blast.

Pipe Dream, Saint Rosa, Fun with Ether, Daze, Glare, Processions and Dottie all brought something to the stage, and with little to worry about on the sound side of things, it allowed the audience to really enjoy the performances.

Highlights included a Pipe Dream song hilariously titled “I’m Going to Hell, Want me to Bring you Back Something?” (At least I think that’s what they said!!), Saint Rosa and Dottie’s mesmerizing performances (I’m definitely keeping tabs on these artists from here on out), a dance circle to New Order’s Blue Monday between acts (that I obviously participated in) and plenty more.

Houston’s very own Angel Aura (comprised of the event hosts) and Astragal headlined near the end of the night and it truly never gets old seeing them work their magic. I’ve seen Angel Aura about 3 times, and Astragal maybe 4 or 5 times now??? I’ve almost lost count, but there’s definitely a reason I keep coming back. There’s a real sense of camaraderie and fellowship in this community and the great music is like a cherry (coloured funk) on top!

Keep an eye on all of these acts, I feel like I came out of this show with plenty of new stuff to listen to, and I’m super proud of Houston’s blossoming indie scene. You’d do well to come out and see a show this year! Anyways, I’m blabbering and writing this report thousands of miles in the air so by the time you all see this I’ll officially be on vacation.

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