【random】spotify now allows you to mute and block artists.

Okay but, this is actually amazing and simultaneously messed up. I know I’m sick and fackin’ tired of garbage SoundCloud rent-a-rappers polluting my shuffle and bad recommendations, but at the same time…..

Can you imagine every Radiohead inspired (read: derivative) indie band that took acid to help them write rhymes being able to see how many users blocked them from their playlists? Heartbreaking.

While I still use Apple Music far more, I might just have to spend more time on Spotify being extra and exclusionary to artists, as if I’m making some sort of statement that I’m above their musical output. Let’s be real, that’s really what this is about. The music elitists are going to swoon over this feature, as it’ll help them further show off how superior they are to people less snobby (insert laugh emojis here).

Anyways, that’s how I feel about that. Be sure to let me know who you block and why!

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