【random】so this year’s super bowl halftime was horrendous.

Like seriously, I’m not even going to waste your precious time (nor my own) trying to write up a recap of that disaster. I’m just writing this article to remind you of better years with some videos and to actually log an entry in for February, because yes I am still sick and recovering!

Anywho, lets get to the good stuff (and cleanse our palates of the tragic vanity vehicle for Adam Levine’s buffoonery/rotting corpse of a band also known as Maroon 5’s sad act).

💫 2015 / Katy Perry (who was still relevant)

💫 2004 / Tittygate

other notable mentions : Madonna’s show, Bruno Mars’ show, Beyoncé’s clusterfuck with the surprise Destiny’s Child appearance, Prince’s and the Gaga one from 2017.

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