【review】tofubeats / plastic love

released 2019, warner music japan.


I hate that I forgot this was coming out (I even announced it, get it together Manabu!), but at last, the tofubeats cover of the sensational Mariya Takeuchi track from ’84 has landed in my Apple Music library.

What is there to say about a song that practically the entire YouTube community has expressed their undying love for within comment threads? Especially a cover version by one of Japan’s hottest producers? (Yes, tofubeats is in demand AND good looking, but I digress.)

Tofubeats’ spin on “Plastic Love” stays in its lane and offers an updated take on the production while not straying too far from the blueprint. Some may find his brand of overly produced vocals a bit jarring, but you’ll get used to it quickly as you get wrapped up in the music!

I’ll be keeping this mix in rotation, and you should also add it to your chill-out playlists. Hopefully we’ll be getting another album soon, as Tofubeats has yet to release anything remotely close to disappointing.

Check out “Plastic Love” on Apple Music and Spotify.

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