【monthly playlist】I forgot to post february here on the blog….

I made it at the beginning of the month, and I posted it on the Facebook, then promptly forgot to share it here. Way to go, ass.

Anywho, enjoy a very late February playlist!

Apple Music (I’m too lazy to make a Spotify variant. Wait for March.)

Tracks :

  1. Golden hour / Kacey Musgraves
  2. Promenade / Moon Mask
  3. The worst it’s ever been / Groundhog Day
  4. Nihilist blues (feat.Grimes) / BMTH
  5. Well wasted / Plastic picnic
  6. Communication / Disq
  7. Soap / San scout
  8. Love exposure (Autoclef remix) / Logeq
  9. Plastic love / tofubeats
  10. Handmade heaven / Marina
  11. Give stupidity a chance / Pet Shop Boys
  12. fake smile / Ariana Grande
  13. Face my fears / Hikaru Utada & Skrillex
  14. I think of being in love / Evadney
  1. In my blood / Sublab
  2. Kids / Anja Kotar
  1. Rushing back (feat.Yasmin) / Infinity Ink
  2. Antarctica / Maria Niwa
  3. Roses / Girlpool
  4. Breakup / Mukai Taichi
  5. Pain (radio edit) / Boy Harsher
  6. Winona / DJ Boring

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