【recap】how do you do, strangers!

Look, August was a rough month and I do mean ROUGH.
I barely had time to run to the bathroom, so please forgive the lack of activity around here.  There was plenty of stuff I didn’t get to share, but i’m sure you avid and well versed connoisseurs were doing a swell job staying on top of releases without my help!

Let’s play catch up, why don’t we?

  • I did make a playlist for the month of August and it’s comin’ soon.
  • Carole & Tuesday, the music-focused anime made its Netflix US debut and its soundtrack (read: BRILLIANT, FRESH, AND FUCKIN’ INCREDIBLE) is available on worldwide streaming platforms!
  • Texas’ local bands came hard over the last few weeks, releases by Mantra Love, Flower Graves and more kept my ears perked.
  • BROCKHAMPTON released a mostly shite album that I don’t think will ever grow on me.
  • Ride and Missy Elliott returned with new releases that i’d argue matched the quality of their glory years.
  • Taylor Swift did somethin’ I guess

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