【check!】wakita monari / take it lucky!!!!

Wakita Monari (of Especia fame) is a solid and underrated singer, formerly of the idol group Especia, and in case you missed it, I wanted to take a moment to share her brilliant lead single ‘TAKE IT LUCKY!!!!’ from her forthcoming sophomore solo album.

This track has it all: retro vibes, an unstoppable groove and meticulously crafted melodies topped off by Monari’s spectacular vocals.  It definitely caught my ear and has stayed on my playlists since its release last April.

As I always say, GET INTO IT.  Wakita Monari’s 2nd album ‘AHEAD!’ is out 7/25 and you can order below.

CDJapanAmazonHMVTower Records 
† Tower Records ships within Japan only!

【check!】annie / hold on

2013 still sounds so perfect.  It’s no secret that i’m a massive Annie fan, but today I was feeling nostalgic and decided to listen to her “A&R EP”, the EP that served as my introduction to Annie’s illustrious (yet sadly underrated and relatively unknown) catalog.  While the entire thing is pop perfection, Hold On is a song that tugs at the heartstrings while simultaneously being something you can casually bop to as the weekend arrives.

【review/rate】serial experiments lain / cyberia mix (soundtrack)

Today marks 20 years since Konaka Chiaki’s gritty, thought provoking magnum opus “Serial Experiments Lain” aired in Japan, and I thought i’d pay tribute by reviewing one of the soundtracks released for the series, the futuristic “Cyberia Mix”, a concept album of tracks that you’d most likely hear if you were logged into the series’ global communications network “the Wired” and on drugs at the “Cyberia” club.

It’s an album that has aged surprisingly well and remains as cutting edge as its parent anime, while being one of my initial forays into electronic music at a young age as well. I hold this record in high regard, and I hope it is appreciated and treasured by many others to this day. Continue reading “【review/rate】serial experiments lain / cyberia mix (soundtrack)”


It’s been a long week and a half, excuse my inactivity beautiful readers….I may or may not have taken up a fantastic new game that has stolen most of the spare time I normally dedicate to maintaining this blog, but fear not!  I’ll do my best to keep you posted on what’s going on in music~

Anywho, here’s the latest :

  • SOPHIE’s new LP “Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-insides” was phenomenal and I can’t stop listening to it.  Full review/rate up soon.  I should have had it done the week of release, but I spent more time relistening and digesting it than trying to put words on it.
  • The Beyonce/Jay-Z collaborative album seemed to be another colossal pop history event, but ended up completely missing the mark and breaking Bey’s streak of #1 debut albums.  Imagine losing to 5 Seconds of Summer…..(stifled laughter)
  • Xtina’s album (mini rate here!) actually did decent in sales, which is nice considering she hasn’t had much of a mainstream presence in the last few years.

New city pop unit Way Wave has debuted with a wonderfully relaxing and soulful 7″ single.  Check the video out!

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