【monthly playlist】lp selects 23+24 are available now!

Sorry, April was such a crazy month for me that I ended up curating the playlist and completely forgetting to upload it. Today, you get a two-for-one special of April and May playlists handpicked by yours truly~ only on Apple Music because FUCK Spotify. Enjoy 💫 April 2019 May 2019


【music video】kyary pamyu pamyu / kimi ga ii ne kuretara

https://youtu.be/8DitMqeKSP0 Kyary kicks off a new era with a single that could have easily slotted in on the brilliant "Nanda Collection". It seems she's gotten back in the swing of releasing quality music (after a few years of total mediocrity which I will continue to bring up every time I write about her!), with a... Continue Reading →

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