【music video】kevin abstract / peach

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGbLX4u6kyk Joined by Dominic Fike, Joba and Bearface, Kevin Abstract once again dazzles on 'Peach'. Better than everything from last week's 'Ghettobaby' EP, but maybe that's just my brockhampton bias showing, as I simply feel that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts (no shade to Kevin's brilliance).


【check!】sembari / fall apart

https://youtu.be/jedwC5I146g Sembari's dropped a new song today, the first cut off his forthcoming extended play. I'm in love with the cover art, the sensuality of the track and how much of a chill vibe (while I hate writing that out, its the most apt descriptor!) it carries. available as a free download now, don't miss... Continue Reading →

【review/rate】yackle / frank throw

released 2019, air the room. Yuuki Yamaguchi makes a splash with his first full length album under his DJ alias "Yackle". One can't help but be impressed at the level of technical prowess at work here, especially once you learn that Yackle is only 18 years old! "Frank Throw" is chock full of features from... Continue Reading →

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