【mini-rate】tennyson / different water

released 2019, independent. Tennyson's 'Different Water' ushers in the springtime with soothing melodies, spellbinding beats and exotic soundscapes reminiscent of Shugo Tokumaru's eccentricity. Intro track 'Streamer Nichome' is glorious, minimalist meets ambient dub in 'Melonpan', while 'Wintersleep' melds lullaby like vocals with a folk acoustic arrangement that soars like a flock migration. It's all very... Continue Reading →


【monthly playlist】I forgot to post february here on the blog….

I made it at the beginning of the month, and I posted it on the Facebook, then promptly forgot to share it here. Way to go, ass. Anywho, enjoy a very late February playlist! Apple Music (I'm too lazy to make a Spotify variant. Wait for March.) Tracks : Golden hour / Kacey Musgraves Promenade... Continue Reading →

Happy 1 Year, Life Polyphony!!

Somehow I've been doing the blogging thing for a while year now. Thank you to every single one of you for clicking links, reading my reviews, and sending me your music. I could never have done this without all of you. Again, I'm sorry for a bit of inactivity but I'm around and I've got... Continue Reading →

【recap】february happenings

Because I've been too fucked with my jobs to have time to write, here's my attempt at catching you up to all the latest in my fantastic music sphere! Marina (sans the Diamonds) has announced her new double album, following 2015's "FROOT". Titled "Love+Fear", the two sides each deal with their respective emotion and will... Continue Reading →

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