【random】where were you when the greatest electronic song of all time was released?

God, I cannot believe it’ll be TEN years since this song dropped.
Nine years ago, my life was forever changed by this song and music video.

I don’t even remember how I came across it honestly, it was about the be the summer of 2009, the japanese dance music bubble was right in the midst of its oversaturation, and yet here was this duo who completely flipped the genre on its head with a song that still sounds fresh nearly 10 years later.

I have plenty I wish to write about regarding LIL and how they are probably the most influential music group in my life, but for now, enjoy this relic of days gone by.

You can pick up “me,too” on the japanese iTunes store.


【check!】vespera / vanilla sky

Vespera continue their upward trend with “Vanilla Sky”, the band’s fourth single so far, accompanied by yet another fantastically produced PV (the budget this band has must be crazy!).  It’s nice to see a group maintain a meticulous level of both audio and visual quality,  something I feel goes so up and down these days.  Check it out~


【check!】kero kero bonito / time today

KKB return hot off the heels of their spellbinding “TOTEP” EP with “Time today”, the first single from the upcoming full length “Time n’ place”.  Release date “soon” *shrug*!

I actually love the breeziness of the track and that trotting rhythm. A serving of twinkly synths, the kind I love so much are also sprinkled throughout the arrangement. Wish it was a tad longer though.


【thoughts】celine dion / ashes

So, Celine is back with a powerhouse ballad (you know how I feel about these by now) that surprisingly manages to impress me?  Leave it to Mrs. D!

Her voice seems to be in a lot better shape compared to her last few albums, and I don’t know how her team managed to land a soundtrack slot for DEADPOOL of all franchises, but it’s working (get a load of this video after all!).

Get into it, I’m so happy to see Celine back in action.

Ashes is available now, links are here!