【music video】dygl / a paper dream

Dayglo are finally back with a fun PV for their new single "A paper dream"; directed by Toto Vivian. (Why is drummer Kohei so adorable? The world may never know.) https://youtu.be/HNnco9W1JCE


【check!】jonas brothers / sucker

https://youtu.be/CnAmeh0-E-U They're back, after god knows how long their fandom has been waiting. Is the song any good? I'd say serviceable and a bit catchy, but it doesn't match the oeuvre of their previous years. Maybe they'll pick up steam with a few more singles and a tour? We shall see. Or we'll just be... Continue Reading →

【mini-rate】tennyson / different water

released 2019, independent. Tennyson's 'Different Water' ushers in the springtime with soothing melodies, spellbinding beats and exotic soundscapes reminiscent of Shugo Tokumaru's eccentricity. Intro track 'Streamer Nichome' is glorious, minimalist meets ambient dub in 'Melonpan', while 'Wintersleep' melds lullaby like vocals with a folk acoustic arrangement that soars like a flock migration. It's all very... Continue Reading →

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