【check!】carly rae jepsen / party for one

Carly “Slae” Jepsen gives us another one of her signature twinkle-pop bops near the tail end of ’20Gayteen”, and it’s got all of the Jepsen trademarks : memorable chorus, formulaic yet fresh production and a super cool video to go hand-in-hand.

I like it, but it didn’t grab me immediately. Maybe a few more listens with this one!

【monthly playlist】life polyphony selects 18 is now live!

I’m posting this playlist this just days before I come back from vacation and back to my mundane daily life of work, sleep, and stress eating.  Sad, but I’ve gathered some of the comfiest tunes i’ve been listening to lately into this month’s playlist so that you can ring in the comfiest month of the year in style!   There’s some Mariah, Roisin, and Robyn for the esteemed pop aficionados, Boy Pablo, Astragal, Tanukichan and Pearl Crush for my obscure indie lovers, and i’ve even thrown in some Joji and Junglepussy for good measure.  Enjoy, and you can find tracklists under the cut.

Go check the playlist out on your streaming platform of choice!
Spotify | Apple Music

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【check!】allie x / girl of the year

Allie X is onto a winner with this one, baby.

Immense production, one of the most adventurous choruses of 2018, and some solid vocal delivery really make this track stand out from the rest of Allie X’s latest output.
I’m pretty stoked for Super Sunset now. Pre-order here!

【live report】kero kero bonito (10/25)

Last night, I headed on down to Houston’s Satellite Bar, where the line to get into the venue stretched out to the Whataburger next door and beyond.  I had never seen such a crowd for an act at this venue of this size, so it was pretty exciting!  I wonder if the staff themselves knew just how culturally prevalent Kero Kero Bonito are in 2018.

It was a lot of fun mingling with friends new and old (some I haven’t seen in years, but that’s not what this blog is about eh?), and after getting myself a nice vodka cranberry, I headed up as close to the front of the stage as I could for the show. Continue reading “【live report】kero kero bonito (10/25)”

【check!】hatchie / adored

Hatchie’s got a new single out as part of Adult Swim’s annual singles release project, and it continues her streak of high quality guitar pop.  I honestly can’t wait for another EP at this point!

【live report】wild nothing + men i trust 10/20

Well, this was a lot of fun.  It was a chilly Saturday evening when I arrived to the White Oak Music Hall and stood outside in the cool (and slightly drizzling) weather waiting for doors to open for the show.  They were scheduled to open at 8 but we didn’t get in for about 25-30 minutes, for reasons unknown, but nothing I couldn’t live with.  More deets after the jump! Continue reading “【live report】wild nothing + men i trust 10/20”

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