【check!】evadney / I think of being in love

https://youtu.be/oqND3_tf3tQ I was tipped off to this (thanks backstreetjoe!), and I've never felt more compelled to share a song. It's above and beyond magnificent, an experience right from the first second that builds and transports you to musical nirvana. Evadney really fuckin' did that.


【news】coaltar of the deepers still exist, announce new single + rabbit ep release date

After seven long years of delays, silence and teasing on twitter, Coaltar of the Deepers have finally set a release date for the mythical "Rabbit EP". In case you're new, COTD release EPs every so often and Rabbit was the next in line, following shortly after the Bear EP in 2007. Yes, you read that... Continue Reading →

【review/rate】lil / into the lil’

released 2006, delfi sound. It's no secret that I'm probably the most prominent fan of the dance-pop group LIL, (originally stylized as Lil' during their indie days) comprised of the world class songstress Ucio (now known as Yushio) and effortlessly creative producer Tsuge.  Their discography is simply infallible, six albums reaching highs that my freakishly... Continue Reading →

【check!】janelle monae / make me feel

released 2018, bad boy records. Total. Emergency. Janelle has returned, and she's taking no prisoners. Get into this NOW. A one two punch of simultaneous single releases makes me happy! Check out 『Make me feel』above, and 『Django Jane』on Apple Music. 💫💫💫

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