【check!】plastic picnic / well wasted

https://youtu.be/DLXn2Ft03BY Plastic Picnic release another jangly single, but this one dials up the emotional angst and psych/synth influence. The middle eight is particularly strong, a breakdown that builds upon itself (first with vocal, percussion and ambient synth, before bringing back the guitars) until exploding right back into the chorus.


【check!】lana del rey / hope is…

https://youtu.be/rY2LUmLw_DQ Uhh, I'm admittedly not into much of Lana's music but she's dropped this new single (with a really long emo title lol) and it's..... cool if you're into this sort of thing? I don't know, I fell asleep 30 seconds in. But do as you will.

【check!】lizzo / juice

Lizzo drops the first mega bop of 2019!  "Juice" is funky, retro and full of potential smash factor.  I can't get it out of my head.  Make sure you watch the whole video too!  I'm absolutely enamored with the throwback production of it all.

【check!】kana hanazawa / timeless

Most people know KanaHana for her numerous roles as any one of their favorite anime 'waifus' of choice (Check her MyAnimeList page, she's the voice of many popular anime girls of the last several years), or for her signature sweet and adorable voice that flutters through the rapidfire delivery of the rap like verses in... Continue Reading →

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