【mini rate】christina aguilera / liberation

released 2018, rca records. Vocal acrobat "Xtina" returns with her first record in 6 years, a triumphant and modern return to form. Already receiving comparisons to Aguilera's magnum opus "Stripped" and glowing critical reviews! But who cares about other reviews? Not you, since you're on my site.  So at a glance, here are my thoughts~... Continue Reading →

【thoughts】christina aguilera / accelerate

For being one of pop's residents of the upper echelon of talent and memorability,  Christina Aguilera (or affectionately referred to as 'Xtina') doesn't actually get all the accolades and acclaim that she deserves in my opinion.  Coupling general underappreciation from the general public with an overall lackluster and forgotten album in 2012 and it's easy... Continue Reading →

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