【music video】buck-tick / dress

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMbyDfvdxjM Classic, career defining, groundbreaking, chill inducing.  B-T were in top form back in 1994 (when have they ever not been, really?) with this instant classic.  New single 'Rondo' will be out 5/22, but let's take a trip back in time to enjoy Dress in all its glory.


【old, but gold】nagisa cosmetic / nagisa cosmetic

released 2004, contemode. The summer of 2004 was sunny, shiny, and littered with tons of great pop albums that signified a revival of the niche and counter cultural Shibuya-kei genre.  Pizzicato Five and Salon Music were long gone and inactive, and a new generation of torch bearers had arrived on the scene, complete with retro... Continue Reading →

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