【music video】youth / sylvia plath

https://youtu.be/GmBHj9UXyXo A breezy blend of bedroom-meets-dream pop, "Sylvia Plath" is the second track on Youth's latest five track EP "Garden". The video itself is soothing and plays with the senses, frames melting into each other like one heavenly acid trip. Check the video out now, and stay tuned as I'll have a review of the... Continue Reading →


【random/old news】shazna reunited and I knew nothing about it.

In case you also missed it, one of the most popular and highest selling VK bands of the 90s got back together and are touring (with three new members)! It's really cool to see Shazna back out there, as I thought they were done for good after their farewell show in 2009. Vocalist Izam even... Continue Reading →

【roadmap】001 : capsule

Today I'm starting a new feature for favorite artists of mine with expansive, almost bewildering discographies that may seem off-putting to fledgling listeners. Our first "roadmap" will be for the Japanese unit that revolutionized the then dying "Shibuya-kei" with their fresh, neo-modern takes on lounge and pico-pop music, then gradually migrated towards electronic club music... Continue Reading →

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