【check!】sembari / fall apart

https://youtu.be/jedwC5I146g Sembari's dropped a new song today, the first cut off his forthcoming extended play. I'm in love with the cover art, the sensuality of the track and how much of a chill vibe (while I hate writing that out, its the most apt descriptor!) it carries. available as a free download now, don't miss... Continue Reading →


【roadmap】001 : capsule

Today I'm starting a new feature for favorite artists of mine with expansive, almost bewildering discographies that may seem off-putting to fledgling listeners. Our first "roadmap" will be for the Japanese unit that revolutionized the then dying "Shibuya-kei" with their fresh, neo-modern takes on lounge and pico-pop music, then gradually migrated towards electronic club music... Continue Reading →

【mini-rate】tennyson / different water

released 2019, independent. Tennyson's 'Different Water' ushers in the springtime with soothing melodies, spellbinding beats and exotic soundscapes reminiscent of Shugo Tokumaru's eccentricity. Intro track 'Streamer Nichome' is glorious, minimalist meets ambient dub in 'Melonpan', while 'Wintersleep' melds lullaby like vocals with a folk acoustic arrangement that soars like a flock migration. It's all very... Continue Reading →

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