【random/old news】shazna reunited and I knew nothing about it.

In case you also missed it, one of the most popular and highest selling VK bands of the 90s got back together and are touring (with three new members)! It's really cool to see Shazna back out there, as I thought they were done for good after their farewell show in 2009. Vocalist Izam even... Continue Reading →


【music video】buck-tick / dress

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMbyDfvdxjM Classic, career defining, groundbreaking, chill inducing.  B-T were in top form back in 1994 (when have they ever not been, really?) with this instant classic.  New single 'Rondo' will be out 5/22, but let's take a trip back in time to enjoy Dress in all its glory.

【review/rate】lil / into the lil’

released 2006, delfi sound. It's no secret that I'm probably the most prominent fan of the dance-pop group LIL, (originally stylized as Lil' during their indie days) comprised of the world class songstress Ucio (now known as Yushio) and effortlessly creative producer Tsuge.  Their discography is simply infallible, six albums reaching highs that my freakishly... Continue Reading →

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