【music video】youth / sylvia plath

https://youtu.be/GmBHj9UXyXo A breezy blend of bedroom-meets-dream pop, "Sylvia Plath" is the second track on Youth's latest five track EP "Garden". The video itself is soothing and plays with the senses, frames melting into each other like one heavenly acid trip. Check the video out now, and stay tuned as I'll have a review of the... Continue Reading →


【live report】ethereal fest 2019.01.19

It was really really chilly and windy last night, proper weather for a night of dreamy tunes and reverb heavy guitars don't you think? I'd been looking forward to Ethereal Fest for some time, as a huge indie music fan with an obsession for the dreampop and shoegaze sound, it was right up my alley... Continue Reading →

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