【check!】men I trust / norton commander (all we need)

Men I Trust's new single sounds almost like a Jerry Paper jam. This one feels like floating in a fishbowl, Emma's vocals transporting you to a calming nirvana, perfect for winding down after a long Monday night. Good morning. Check out the single on their Bandcamp and make sure to pick it up! https://menitrust.bandcamp.com/track/norton-commander-all-we-need

【monthly playlist】life polyphony selects 18 is now live!

I'm posting this playlist this just days before I come back from vacation and back to my mundane daily life of work, sleep, and stress eating.  Sad, but I've gathered some of the comfiest tunes i've been listening to lately into this month's playlist so that you can ring in the comfiest month of the... Continue Reading →

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