【music video】kyary pamyu pamyu / kimi ga ii ne kuretara

https://youtu.be/8DitMqeKSP0 Kyary kicks off a new era with a single that could have easily slotted in on the brilliant "Nanda Collection". It seems she's gotten back in the swing of releasing quality music (after a few years of total mediocrity which I will continue to bring up every time I write about her!), with a... Continue Reading →


【music video】kevin abstract / peach

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGbLX4u6kyk Joined by Dominic Fike, Joba and Bearface, Kevin Abstract once again dazzles on 'Peach'. Better than everything from last week's 'Ghettobaby' EP, but maybe that's just my brockhampton bias showing, as I simply feel that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts (no shade to Kevin's brilliance).

【check!】roisin murphy / the rumble

The final release of Roisin Murphy's 2018 collaborative series of singles with Maurice Fulton, "The Rumble / World's Crazy" is out now, and with it, the final music video has arrived for "The Rumble".  It's a six minute dancefloor romp complete with visuals of what basically translates to uninhibited love and good vibes.  Hope you... Continue Reading →

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