【old, but gold】iyla / war+raindrops

released 2018, 3T entertainment. I was practically in full on hype mode for Mariah's fantastic "Caution" last fall, that it was easy for me to let some great music slip through the cracks. Iyla Blue released the "War+raindrops" EP back in October of 2018, and I've only just gotten to experience it. Magnificent is the... Continue Reading →


【old, but gold】new order / bizarre love triangle

There are way too many versions/mixes/edits/what have you of this song out there, but I have a solid feeling even the most obsessive of music collectors haven't heard of this mix of BLT in particular. (Wow, I really just abbreviated Bizarre Love Triangle to a sandwich.) Exclusively released on the soundtrack album for "Married to... Continue Reading →

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