【recap】how do you do, strangers!

Look, August was a rough month and I do mean ROUGH. I barely had time to run to the bathroom, so please forgive the lack of activity around here.  There was plenty of stuff I didn't get to share, but i'm sure you avid and well versed connoisseurs were doing a swell job staying on... Continue Reading →

【recap】april showers bring april happenings….?

Forgive me forgive me! A bitch been busy, as they say, and April hasn't exactly been the most exciting month for music "IMO". Anywho, here's a little catch up post to get us back in the groove. Kevin Abstract released a single, then an EP a few days later in true brockhampton fashion. Listen to... Continue Reading →

【recap】february happenings

Because I've been too fucked with my jobs to have time to write, here's my attempt at catching you up to all the latest in my fantastic music sphere! Marina (sans the Diamonds) has announced her new double album, following 2015's "FROOT". Titled "Love+Fear", the two sides each deal with their respective emotion and will... Continue Reading →

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