【check!】roisin murphy / incapable

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H02BPY7vEms Yes, I know I wrote FACK ALL this month.  Life is rough! While I was out slaving away, my ambitious electronic queen Roisin has gifted us with another new single (following her quadrilogy of 12" singles with Maurice Fulton), "Incapable" is an eight minute disco stomper that blurs the line between smooth 80s funk... Continue Reading →


【check!】roisin murphy / the rumble

The final release of Roisin Murphy's 2018 collaborative series of singles with Maurice Fulton, "The Rumble / World's Crazy" is out now, and with it, the final music video has arrived for "The Rumble".  It's a six minute dancefloor romp complete with visuals of what basically translates to uninhibited love and good vibes.  Hope you... Continue Reading →

【check!】róisín murphy / all my dreams

The first in a series of upcoming singles by the creative queen this year, "All my dreams" is another unique entry in Murphy's fabled discography.  I'm just happy we're getting new music so soon after 2016's "Take her up to Monto".  I never want another 7 year break between albums from this genius again! Enjoy~... Continue Reading →

【5ive songs】week 2

five more songs I need you to listen to this week! Check them out after the cut. o1 / Róisín Murphy 『You know me better』 o2 / dogbite 『super soaker』 o3 / Shinjuku 『Just big hills』 o4 / Martin Solveig + Alma 『All stars』 o5 / Nadine 『Gossip』 💫💫💫

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