【track review】shawn mendes/ if I can’t have you

https://youtu.be/oTJ-oqwxdZY The nation's twunk kicks off his next era with a song that's a little safe, but manages to serve well as a sweet and sunny slice of things to come. "If I Can't Have You" flutters across its brisk three minute runtime with piano led choruses, minimal guitar fronted verses and a slightly shrill... Continue Reading →

【recap】so, the grammys weren’t so bad this year.

While the televised ceremony remains as unpolished and low-budget as ever these days (the staggering amounts of cutoffs and awkward, unprepared transitions I caught had me in stitches), the winners and nominees were deserving for the most part. More under the cut! I can only count two major robberies, both SOPHIE and Porter Robinson deserved... Continue Reading →

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