【icymi】shakira & jlo’s flamboyantly fantastical festive football halftime show

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pILCn6VO_RU When this pair was announced for halftime this year, I honestly could not visualize how exactly the whole thing would pan out.  WELL FUCK!  It was brilliant and very obviously geared towards people with taste.  I know that Hex Hector "Waiting for Tonight" remix when I hear it.  Also, I still don't get why... Continue Reading →

【random】so this year’s super bowl halftime was horrendous.

Like seriously, I'm not even going to waste your precious time (nor my own) trying to write up a recap of that disaster. I'm just writing this article to remind you of better years with some videos and to actually log an entry in for February, because yes I am still sick and recovering! Anywho,... Continue Reading →

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