【thoughts】so the woodstock 50 lineup is out

Who keeps inviting Jay-Z to these things?  While there are some solid choices here, (Robert Plant's ironic billing 50 years after Led Zeppelin turned down the original event) most of these acts just feel like a culmination of the last few years of the festival circuit.  It's a bit....uninspired?  I don't know, maybe i'm getting... Continue Reading →

【thoughts】mariah carey / with you (video+live)

I wrote a bit about "With You" a few days ago when the song was first posted, but since then, we've gotten an actual music video, and an American Music Awards performance! While I initially didn't think this song was anything exciting for the elusive chanteuse, the video is classic Mariah : it takes cues... Continue Reading →

【thoughts】christina aguilera / accelerate

For being one of pop's residents of the upper echelon of talent and memorability,  Christina Aguilera (or affectionately referred to as 'Xtina') doesn't actually get all the accolades and acclaim that she deserves in my opinion.  Coupling general underappreciation from the general public with an overall lackluster and forgotten album in 2012 and it's easy... Continue Reading →

【thoughts】hex.sys / les fleurs du mal

East coast based witch-pop unit Hex.sys' latest single "Les fleurs du mal" is a moody slice of something special, an enchanting lullaby wrapped in layers of synth and atmospheric emotion.  Hex.sys do a stellar job at managing to fuse the "often inaccessible to the casual listener" style of darkwave/witch house with catchy pop melodies and... Continue Reading →

【thoughts】celine dion / ashes

So, Celine is back with a powerhouse ballad (you know how I feel about these by now) that surprisingly manages to impress me?  Leave it to Mrs. D! Her voice seems to be in a lot better shape compared to her last few albums, and I don't know how her team managed to land a... Continue Reading →

【thoughts】nicki minaj / chun-li

released 2018,  young money/cash money records. Yesterday,  Nicki dropped a two punch combo on us after a short time away from releasing.  The rap/pop stratosphere has changed fairly quickly since "The Pinkprint" was dropped back in 2014,  and with the meteoric monopoly Cardi B seems to have on radio and our pop culture,  i'm glad... Continue Reading →

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